Bingo Games

There are a multitude of Bingo Games available at for all tastes and likes. As a matter of fact, we bet you will find a favorite or two from our extensive list of games. Just within our bingo section there are Coverall games, Fair and Square, Progressive Jackpots, Fixed pot games and much much more. Be sure to check out all our other games as well though such as our popular Keno, our exciting slots, our video poker and our pull tabs.

Coverall Bingo Games

Coverall Bingo games, also knows as “Blackout Bingo”  are the ones that do not have a pattern or certain lines a players needs to fill in order to win the jackpot, but instead, the whole card must be covered to take the prize.

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Progressive Bingo Jackpots

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that increased with every card bought. It usually collects small amounts from cards bought across many games. To win the bingo Progressive Jackpot you must win the bingo game in a set amount of calls.

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Coverall Bingo Games with Progressive Jackpots

Most progressive Bingo games are played on Coverall pattern to make the game last longer and therefore, more exiting. When a progressive is attached to a coverall it has a limited number of calls that it must be won on. The more players in a game the more cards there are playing in the game so even if the progressive is not won the regular bingo pot is higher than usual.

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Bingo Rooms

At CanadianDollarBingo we offer different rooms to our players. Each room has its own type of games, however the chat games are only played in the Main Room. From time to time we open special rooms for special events and holidays where special bingo games will be played so be sure to keep our eyes out for these special events!

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