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Congratulations to deaway $250 CASH Prize
September 2019

"I was raised in a small town in sask Canada. Bought a cafe and was self-employed. When my hubby got sick, I had to sell it. How I am a full-time caregiver. I love playing bingo and slots the only way to do that now is online. I love playing on your site, everyone in the chat room very nice and helpful to me. The bonuses you give us are great too."


Congratulations to mynova $1,800.00 on Stampede Slots!
September 2019

"Thank you Canadian Dollar Bingo! Its been a good summer with these fun games."


Congratulations to bobbie1976 Over $2,000 on Parlay Slots
September 2019

"Thank you Canadiandollarbingo for another wonderful slot win!! The best site out there!!"


Congratulations to keetim $3,000 on Summer Smileys
September 2019

"Thank you Canadian Dollar Bingo!! I love playing slots here. The staff is so helpful and a pleasure to deal with."


Congratulations to MyNova $18,951.67 win on Dragon Kings August 2019

"I've been at Canadian Dollar Bingo for several years now and this has been my biggest win.It was very exciting THANKYOU Canadian Dollar bingo."


Congratulations to TheOriginalRedz $10,000.00 in Wins on The Angler Slot August 2019

"Canadian Dollar Bingo does it again! Why spend money going out to clubs when you can spend less and win!! The games are fun, there's a ton of bonuses available, and most importantly they pay out without any hassles! Thanks again to you all for making this the only site I play on! TheOriginalRedz"


Congratulations to MizzHappy5151 $3,000 in 3D Slots Jackpots August 2019

"Thankyou To All the Staff and CanadianDollarBingo for a nice win.Very grateful for all you do and such a fantastic bingo site with such friendly people.Hugs"


Congratulations to BetIwin1 $250 Bingo Contest winner August 2019

"hi I just had to thank CAD,, I have been playing there for years ,, I love the site, nice people and very friendly hosts, I have fun playing the slots and the bingo games.. so winning this 250 was an awesome surprise, I can play more games of bingo and slots now thank you all again,, and happy bingoing,,,"


Congratulations to Carkarl1 Over $8,000 in 3D Slots Jackpots July 2019

"Thank you Canadian Bingo, what an awesome win!"


Congratulations to Maps $1,500 In Parlay Slots July 2019

"Hi Charlotte
I thank you for all you do
As you can see I am celebrating my big win on the CAD slots THANK YOU CAD YOU ARE THE BES"


Congratulations to --- $1,000 Bingo Jackpot July 2019

"One of my favorite ways of passing my time is going to the Canadian dollar bingo I play and I even if I lose I have a good time and I'm lucky enough every so often that I win I won $1,000 recently very happy with canadiandollar Bingo and I'll always play there you're the best thank you"


Congratulations to LoveMyKids Over $1,000 in Bingo Jackpots July 2019

"I want to thank CanadaDollarBingo for my Bingo wins in the Luau Party Room. What a great feeling! I love playing in this room on the weekends and off course all the other Bingo Rooms too. This site is great and so are all the CM's. Thank you for making my Birthday so great!"


Congratulations to Sylvia Over $5,000 in Treasure Room June 2019

"Sillysylvia here just wanting to send a big thank you out to site for my awesome win. Couldn't have come at a better time. Your site rocks. xo"


Congratulations to keetim Over $3,500.00 wins on Summer Smileys! June 2019

"Thank you Canadian Dollar Bingo! Not only do I love playing here. I love the wins too. Great slots and bingo too. Thanks again,"


Congratulations to Suea1 Over $1,600 in Slots wins on Slots June 2019

"Thank-you so much. I love playing here the best site ever. Thank you again for the win. Suea1"


Congratulations to TheOriginalRedz $6,500 wins on Godfather 2 Slots June 2019

"Once again Canadian Dollar Bingo pays out! This site is the absoluteBEST! The support the team provides is incredible and everyone makessure you have a good time. Who needs dabbers when you have CDB?"


Congratulations to Maps $1,500 Win on Diamond Surprise June 2019

"I Love CanadianDollarBingo I was shocked when I won on the Slots Thank You"


Congratulations to MizzHappy51519 $2,565 on Stampede 3D Slot May 2019

"I can't say enough about canadiandollarbingo. The staff ,cms and players are all so friendly and kind. Thankyou for a wonderful win and good luck to all players. Ty so much char for everything you do




Congratulations to nana83 Nightly $1,000 Coverall May 2019

"It was a nice surprise winning the jackpot. To all my friends at CAD, Iwish you all the same luck."


Congratulations to nicmax $2000 on Aztec Treasures Slots May 2019

"Hourra!!! I can't beleive it. I won 2000.00$ on slots. Thank you soooo much."


Congratulations to Palmac40 $3,000 on Mini Three Times The Riches May 2019

"Thank you for the wonderful site Canadian bingo, I love your site and the happy cm host like Jacki, Jayne April and all the rest they all are so helpful and friendly.Every day when I come into bingo so many happy people doing what they love best {playing Bingo and slots}I am very happy that I found your site. I remain a faithful member of Canadian Bingo."

Palmac 40

Congratulations to GoingToTheChapel $1,673 in wins on 3D Slots May 2019

"Wishing the Bride to be all the best for her upcoming wedding!"


Congratulations to TheOriginalRedz Over $8,000 on Slotfather 2. April 2019

"I have been playing on this site for over a decade now. I've tried others but nothing compares to the fantastic players and hosts (and payouts) that you will find here. Canadian dollar bingo is the best!! Thank you for the fun, the friends and the cash!!"


Congratulations to bobbie1976 Over $3,000 in Parlay Slots Jackpots. March 2019

"Thank you Canadiandollarbingo for another awesome win!! My favourite site always !! "


Congratulations to Prospectguy77 Over $1,274 on 3D Slots Jackpots. March 2019

"I am extremely excited on my latest win on the slot machines at Canadian Dollar Bingo.

When I am not playing, I spend as much time as I can with my family, boating ,fishing , gardening or traveling. Canadian Dollar Bingo is my time, to relax to enjoy all they have to offer. I highly recommend this site. Now I can buy some new fishing gear. Thank You"


Congratulations to casinomom Over $7,000 on Monster's Clone Slot. March 2019

"I have been playing this site for many years and really enjoy it have won many times and also enjoy talking to my fellow players enjoy slots more than bingo the site keeps me busy and i enjoy it very much and the help line is wonderful when you are in need thank you very much for all the fun years"


Congratulations to Munchkin5 $4,900 on 3D slots wins. March 2019

"I love playing bingo and slots,especially 3d where i won jackpot, thanks canadian dollar bingo."


Congratulations to keetim Over $2,500 on Summer Smileys. February 2019

"Thank you Canadian Dollar Bingo for my recent slot wins! I just love playing here!"


Congratulations to Redhotwinn Over $1,000 on Tycoon Slot February 2019

"Hi Canadian Dollar Bingo, I just want to say thanks for having the 3d slots as they are my favourite as a slot player only. Its a nice bonus to actually get a win also. Thanks"


Congratulations to rory_luke Over $1,600 wins on Chillipop slots February 2019

"I'm super excited about my recent win! I have always enjoyed playing on Canadian Dollar Bingo. Friendly Staff and great selection of games! Thank You!"


Congratulations to cherrypief $1,000 Bingo win. Nightly Coverall February 2019



Congratulations to sns64 winner of $1,019 Bingo Winner January 2019

"WOW! Happy New Year to all! Thank you CanadianDollarBingo for the awesome start to 2019! Totally surprised to see I won $1019 when I logged in New Year Day! I enjoy playing bingo, but my favourites are the 3D slots. I hope that 2019 is prosperous for all!

Thank you again"


Congratulations to Dee1955 winner of $1,000 in Jackpots- Parlay Slots January 2019

"Thank you Canadian Dollar Bingo for making my gaming experience so enjoyable. Love this site."


Congratulations to NannyQisa winner of $1,000 Nightly Coverall January 2019

"I was just in the kitchen when I came back in and saw my name up there for winning the thousand dollar jackpot at 11 I was so excited thank you Canadian dollar and thank you all roomies for wish me way to go."


Congratulations to keetim winner of $4,000 Slots Jackpots December 2018

"Thank you Canadian Dollar Bingo for my slot wins on Smileys! I really enjoy playing here!"


Congratulations to momomo winner of $1,000 Nightly Coverall December 2018

"I just love Canadian Dollar Bingo! Thank you for this big win."


Congratulations to djaqs66 winner of $4,000 Slots Jackpots on Summer Simleys - December 2018

"Thank you for my big wins on slots here at Canadian Dollar Bingo! I enjoy playing here very much!"


Congratulations to Emerac winner of $1,215 JP on More Gold Diggin - December 2018

"Canadian Dollar Bingo never fails! Love the games, winning is even better, just in time for Christmas! Merry Christmas
everyone "


Congratulations to Anonymous winner of $1,500 on Diamond Surprise - November 2018

"Thank you Canadian Dollar Bingo for my win :)
Love to play here :)
Cheers !! "


Congratulations to trinityred winner of $1,000 CASH October 2018 Main Contest

"I was away on holidays and came home to find out that I have won $1000 dollars in the contest. I was so excited!!!! Thank you so much, I love this site, it is the BEST!"


Congratulations to Johanna winner of $1,010 Jackpot on The Golden Owl of Athena October 2018.

"Thank you for another amazing win. this will come in so handy as my fiance just proposed to me in May on the 6th and we are getting married next Sept.2019 😊 "


Congratulations to rory_luke winner of $1,945 in 3D Slots Jackpots October 2018

"I absolutely love Canadiandollarbingo! I've been playing now for several years and the variety of games available is great! I'm super excited about my recent win! Thank You Canadiandollarbingo!!" Thanks,
Rory Schmidt


Congratulations to mynova winner of $15,000 on 3D Slots wins October 2018

It was very exciting to win a Jackpot, Thank-You Canadian Dollar Bingo!!


Congratulations to Suea1 winner of over $2,000 on Lions Explorer Slot October 2018

I am so happy for my slot win, I love very much playing here. Thank you to the Bingo affiiiates.


Congratulations to Munchkin 5 winner of over $3,000 in 3D Slots October 2018

I am very happy to have won a jackpot,and I will enjoy spending it. Thanks Canadian dollar bingo.

Munchkin 5

Congratulations to Freda winner of $1,000 Nightly Coverall October 2018

I was super excited when I won the coverall the other night and won $1000. Canadian dollar is the best!


Congratulations to mardom winner of $1, 500 Jackpot win Mini Three Times The Riches September 2018



Congratulations to LuckyGal winner of $1,630 Jackpot Good Girl Bad Girl September 2018

Thank you Canadiandollar bingo for all the fun and awesome bingo players that I meet each and everytime I play on the site !! thank you for the win. my middle son is getting married sept 22, 2018 and couldn't come at a better time !!


Congratulations to Emerac winner of $1,500 Jackpot More Gold Diggin September 2018

Hi Char and roomies
Just want to say that I love Canadian Dollar Bingo! ❤️. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, and besides that I won real money that I can take to the bank! Thanks


Congratulations to Bobbi1976 winner of $1,000 Jackpot Trolling For Treasures September 2018

Dear Canadiandollarbingo, I have been a loyal customer for several years and you are definitely my favourite site out there!! I m super lucky to have won 1000$$ on the slots and this is not my first time winning over the years!! Thank you once again Love Love Love your site!


Congratulations to Mrs_h winner of $1,800 Slot August 2018

hi char and roomies just a little note to let you no how happy I am to cash out my slot winnings.. i.ve been a peep for many many years and have won many prizes .. I will remain a faithful member till the end .. good luck everyone!


Congratulations to palma1927 winner of $1800 on 25c & $1 Citrus 7s July 2018

I have been playing bingo for several years...I have won a little here and there ...but not quite satisfied..till I found this site...I am getting great winnings and am quite happy...overal the support people are great , very attentive to my request and they contact me almost immediatly...I am recommending your bingo site to all my friends,,,Thankyou for your time and attention....Anna.


Congratulations to mynova winner of $4,000 in jackpots. 3D Slots July 2018

Thank you for my big win Canadian Dollar Bingo!


Congratulations to Palmac40 winner of $1,600 Slot Jackpot July 2018

Just want CanadianDollarBingo to know that I am in love with mainly two of your slot games, I have so much fun playing them that I sometimes forget to play bingo, but I also enjoy playing bingo and find all the Cm really nice polite and always helpful. Winning a JP is always exciting and just makes me love this site more.

It is also a place where I've made friends and engage in fun conversations. It has been a great site to be on and so glad that I found it Thank-you CanadianDollarBingo for this wonderful win


Congratulations to Pattijo201 winner of $3,000 Slot Jackpot on Good Girl Bad Girl July 2018

I’m so thrilled to be a winner on Canadian Dollar Bingo! Thank you so much!


Congratulations to leeanne_1962 winner of $1,000 Coverall June 2018

I can't believe I won the jp last nite. I need it so bad as Iam not working. Thank you!!!

CanadianDollarBingo ur the best !

Congratulations to LuckyGal winner of Over $1,000 in Slots Wins June 2018



Congratulations to JustREDagain winner of Over $1,000 in Slots Jackpots May 2018

Thankyou for the wins the past month (and other months).
I love playing here especially the 3d slots which I mostly play are the best compared to any other site.
Hopefully will continue to play and win in the future.


Congratulations to Bestplayerever winner of $1,000 Coverall May 2018

It’s always fun playing on CanadianDollarBingo. Very happy with my $1,000 win!
- Bestplayerever


Congratulations to shamelesslee winner of Over $10,000 in slots Jackpots - Summer Smileys Slot April 2018

I just want to say playing at this site is a pleasure, the chat hosts are amazing . Your questions are always answered promptly!
- shamelesslee


$1,000 Jackpot winner

Hi all! I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the blessed win I received in the New Years room last night :)
It was amazing! A much needed one too.
CanadianBingoDollar rocks!!
Thank you very much! A very Happy New Year to the
whole team!

Cheers, Maria (red14meplz77)


Toronto Indy Contest winner - May 2017

OMG,OMG can't believe this!! I've never won a trip before.Thank you all so much!!! I will have to take cash as hubby can't travel.


Congratulations to ((Nana83))who won $500 CASH

It was a nice surprise when I learned that I had won $500 cash. I love being with all the friends. I have made through bingo.
It is amazing how much you get to know about people you have never met. I wish all my friends the best of luck, win big, but most of all, enjoy each other's friendship." ~Nana 83


Why you should be playing our NEW parlay slots?!! Just ask ((gamblingqueen)) she can tell you $18,000 reasons why we have the best slots on the net.

Here's what she had to say about her $18K slot Jackpot win.

"Im very excited that I won this Jackpot of $18000.00 on slots, I never could have imagined winning that amount, this is the biggest jackpot Ive won so far and Ive been a member of the Canadiandollarbingo.com Family for a few years now and it just keeps getting better and better. I absolutely love the new slot games and look forward to seeing whats next! those of you who are new, this site is the best and Not to mention that all the staff are wonderful and the chat rooms are friendly. So sit back and enjoy you favorite games, you could be the next big jackpot winner!!!!! Good luck everyone......" ~gamblingqueen
    Contest: NEW parlay slots.


Congratulations to (Innie ) who won $5,000.00 Slot Jackpot Winner
"10 Best Reasons to Play Bingo at CAD:
1. You don't have to get dressed up - jammies are fine

2. The players are fun and don't sit in your favorite chair 3. CM's welcome you and make u laugh
4. You can play when you want
5. Coffee and goodies are free
6. Costs less to play than land bingo
7. You don't have to drive
8. No one hears when u swear at the caller
9. Don't wanna play bingo? Try a few slots
10. You will win like I did! It can happen to YOU! Good Luck!" -Innie
    Contest: Slot Jackpot .


Congratulations to (Pertylady57) who won our monthly November $2,000 Grand Prize!

"wow thanks for drawing my name for Christmas grand prize winner now me and my granddaughter can have great
Christmas this is her first Christmas without her mom, I love her dearly thanks to Canada Bingo for making this a happy one and good luck to everyone who plays bingo at Canada Bingo thanks, god Bless" -Pertylady57
    Contest: $2,000 Grand Prize

Congratulations to (MarLanaIV) who won our monthly October $2,000 Grand Prize!

"While I have been a player on this site for relatively a short time (only 1 year), I have found it to be friendly, helpful, and lots of fun.
Chat games and specials are an added bonus.I have made several friends on the site. I start my mornings off with my coffee and some bingo before work and finish my
day off after supper with the same." - MarLanaIV
    Contest: $2,000 Grand Prize.


Congratulations to (Conniejojo ) who won $50,000 Open Bingo Season Promotion! 4th place winner($50BBs)

"My name is Connie,  my alias is Conniejojo.  Canadian Dollar Bingo is the best site!  The CMs are fabulous!
They are very friendly and helpful. They always greet you with a big hello and wish you luck when you enter the chat room. Conniejojo The players are also very friendly and polite and FUNNY!! It is awesome to be able to come home after a long day at work and be able to play bingo and keno (I am a big keno junky LOL) in my living room with my PJ's on!! Thank you Canadian Dollar Bingo and all the wonderful staff and players for making it so much fun!! "
    Contest: Open Bingo Season Promotion.


Congratulations to (Linda) who won $500 CASH in our Main Contest!

Omggggggggg...thank you thank you soooooooo much CanadianDollarBingo...
I was certainly shocked to get this email from Char telling me that I won $500 CASH... good luck roomies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Contest: February 2017 Main Contest


Congratulations to (suea1) who won $500 CASH in our Main Contest!

Wow I did not know that I won Thank you very much CanadianDollarBingo. great site!Susan
    Contest: February 2017 Main Contest


Congratulations to (REBA31) who won $500 in our Main Contest!
    Contest: February 2017 Main Contest


Congratulations to (Granny Jubes) who won $50,000 Open Bingo Season Promotion! 1st place winner($200 Cash)
"Thank you so much for this prize! Canadian Dollar Bingo is the best!" -Granny Jubes
    Contest: Open Bingo Season Promotion, 2016


Congratulations to (Granny Jubes) who won $50,000 Open Bingo Season Promotion! 1st place winner($200Cash)
"Thank you Canadian Dollar Bingo for my wins on your recent promotion. I have been here from the beginning and enjoy my roomies and the chat hosts are the best!
The support staff are always helpful and very friendly! Good luck all" -Granny Jubes
    Contest: Open Bingo Season Promotion, 2016


Congratulations to (bzzybb ) who won $50,000 Open Bingo Season Promotion! 3rd place winner($50Cash)

"Thank you very much. I enjoy playing at your site and the hosts are very nice and helpful. Thank you again."-bzzybb
    Contest: Open Bingo Season Promotion, 2016


Congratulations to (Lise1971) who won $1,500.00 Slot Jackpot Winner

"For me there's no other site to play on I love canadian bingo the CM are supper nice and very helpful and everyone that plays
there are nice I love the team bingo in the weekend and to tell you the truth if I could I would play more than what I do now you guys did a great job and I love it" -Lise1971
    Contest: Slot Jackpot, 2016


Congratulations to (Heidi44 ) who won $2,000.00 in Slot Jackpot Winner

"i just won 2000 playing 3x the riches..im so happy I have been with canadiandollar bingo for about 10 years now and
I love it..i come in chat even if I’m broke just to talk with all my wonderfull friends and gms..thank you so much for being there for us…hugs" -Heidi44
    Contest: Slot Jackpot, 2016


Congratulations to (pampers) who won $50,000 Open Bingo Season Promotion! 5th place winner($25BBs)

"Woooo xmas in may gotta luv it. Tyvm for having such a great site to play at and for having the best roomies and hosts
I could ever ask for. Thanks again good luck next week mdfs ????"
    Contest: Open Bingo Season Promotion, 2016


Congratulations to (slammer ) who won $1,100 Bingo Jackpot Winner

"Thank you so much for my great win. I have never won that amount ever at bingo, it was very exciting. actually
I was at a loss for words which is definitely not the norm for me. This is a great site and it is very lucky for me. The CM's and GM's are all friendly and knowledgeable. I will be hanging around for as long as you can stand me. hehe. The players are very nice also. This is my new favorite place to play." -slammer
    Contest: Bingo Jackpot, 2016


Congratulations to (Seastar) who won $2,500 Slot Jackpot Winner

"thank you Canadiandollar bingo i almost fell of my chair when i saw that i hit 5 wilds on the trolling for treasure mini games."
    Contest: Slot Jackpot, 2016


Congratulations to (Freda) who won Food Festivals Promotion! 1st place winner $200BBs
"i won dont beleave it ty ty i love this site i have many dear friends here and the chat hosts are the best ty for the 200 bbc

for weekly draw ty ty" -Freda
    Contest: Food Festivals Contest , 2016


Congratulations to (Shooter2) who won $1,100.00 Slot Jackpot Winner

"Iam so happy got the jp again I love this bingo" -Shooter2

    Contest: Slot Jackpot, 2016


Congratulations to (Mutley )1st place win of $200BBs on Spring’s $150,000 Food Festivals Promo!

"Thanks Canadiandollarbingo.com for my 1st place win in the Spring's $150,000 Food Festivals! and my 200 BB's."-Mutley
    Contest: Spring's $150,000 Food Festivals Contest , 2016


Congratulations to (LIV_LUV_LOL ) who won $$1,500.00 in Slot Jackpot Winner
    Contest: Slot Jackpot Contest , 2016


Congratulations to (Heidi44 ) who won $1,000.00 in Slot Jackpot Winner

"Hi there I was so happy to win 1000$ on Three times the riches,I have been playing here at Canadian dollar bingo for years
and have so many fine friends here.love my GMs and all ways get the help I need when I request it.thank you." Heidi44
    Contest: Slot Jackpot Contest , 2016


Congratulations to (gvemeriver ) who won $2,500.00 in Slot Jackpot Winner

"I was absolutely stunned when I hit the Jackpot playing slots!!! I could not believe my eyes...definitely my lucky day!
CanadianDollarBingo is awesome! I just love the great atmosphere and helpful staff! Thank you!" -gvemeriver
    Contest: Slot Jackpot Contest , 2016


Congratulations to (gvemeriver ) who won $500 CASH Grand Prize Weekly(March 22-31) Spring with over $150,000.00 Promotion!
"WoW! I was absolutely stunned that I won the Grand Prize! I love Canadian Dollar Bingo! The chat host are always so helpful
and amazing! Thank you!" Gvemeriver
    Contest: Spring Contest , 2016


Congratulations to (Justwannawin ) who won $4,492.55 in Jackpot Winner
"I just want to say thank you to Canadian Dollar Bingo for my amazing jackpot win !!!! I couldnt believe it !!!! I love to play there and always have a good time ! Great ppl and Great CM's "
    Contest: Bingo Jackpot , 2016


Congratulations to (Shooter2 ) who won $1,100.00 in Bingo Jackpot

"I was so happy I love this bingo its the best games ch every thing about it"
    Contest: Bingo Jackpot , 2016


Congratulations to (sashamoon ) who won $1,000.00 in Jackpot
"I was totally surprised by my $1,000 jackpot win. I have been playing at this site for several years. I enjoy seeing the same people and chat managers.
It feels like family Thanks Canadian Dollar Bingo."
    Contest: Jackpot , 2016


Congratulations to (MizzHippy ) who won $500 CASH Grand Prize win on Spring with over $150,000.00 promotion

"Hi there....I saw on your Facebook page that I won a bonus. Thats so awesome!!! Thanks very much!!
Love playing here because it's easy and no hassle deposits, the games are great...and the CM's are quite wonderful too!! Keep up the great work!"
    Contest: Spring , 2016


Congratulations to (bunny691 )on your $1,100.00 Bingo Jackpot
"hi this is bunny691 from canadian dollar bingo.i love this site.im so excited i won wow omg i cant believe it.first time i ever won on the internet bingo.thank you canadian dollar bingo."
    Contest: $1,000 Jackpot Winner , 2016


Congratulations to (Granny Jubes )who won in Sunny Cancun Grand Prize

Just want to say thank you to Canadian dollar bingo I have been a member on this site for 8 yrs and always enjoyed playing
here and have enjoyed the chat room the CMs are great and so much fun always greet you with a big Hello and as well as good luck well it sure helped as I won my first big jackpot on Thursday February 2016 on the slots 2000.00. Thank you again Canadian Dollar Bingo and all the staff and good luck to all the other players on this site"
    Contest: Sunny Cancun Contest, 2016


Congratulations to (scoupe24 )on your $2,000 Jackpot

Just want to say thank you to Canadian dollar bingo I have been a member on this site for 8 yrs and always enjoyed playing here and have enjoyed the chat room the CMs are great and so
much fun always greet you with a big Hello and as well as good luck well it sure helped as I won my first big jackpot on Thursday February 2016 on the slots 2000.00. Thank you again Canadian Dollar Bingo and all the staff and good luck to all the other players on this site"
    Contest: $2,000 Jackpot Winner , 2016


Congratulations to (JackiesRedStocking) who won $5,000 in 'Cash for Christmas' Contest!
Hi There,
My name is Jacqueline, my alias with Canadian Dollar Bingo for Christmas is JackiesRedStocking! I love this Site!
The hosts are very helpful and kind. The players are very cheery and polite and a pleasure to be in a chat room with. Its so much fun to be able to come home after a long day of work and sit in my living room and have a great game of bingo!
I can't tell you how shocked I was when I just opened my email to see the email stating that I was the winner of the Cash for Christmas Promotion!
Words can not describe my feelings, just before Christmas! How wonderfully Lucky I feel right now and grateful!
Believe me if I can win this so can you! Merry Christmas to everyone at this Bingo Site, and the best for the New Year. Good Luck All and hope to see
some of your testimonials after your wins!
    Contest: Cash for Christmas Contest, 2015


Every month we raffle out beautiful jewelry among all monthly depositors, here's what one of our recent winners had to say about the Mega Draw Depositor prize win.

"I enjoy playing on your site. The staff and players are very friendly and I enjoy the games. They are so much fun" - dirtybird317
    Contest: Mega Draw Depositor Contest, 2015


Congratulations to (pattycakes88) who won two round tickets and hotel to beautiful Punta Cana Dominican Republic, a prize worth $2,000 , as the monthly winner in 'Punta Cana' October Contest!

A dear friend of mine suggested that i try playing Canadian DollarBingo .I am so glad that i did because i cannot believe that I have won a trip .Dreams do come true.I love playing the mega bingo room the host are super nice also the players are super friendly. I will be telling my friends about the site . Thank you canadiandollarbingo very much! - pattycakes88
    Contest: Punta Cana Contest, 2015


Our 'Niagara Falls Contest' GRAND PRIZE goes to ((tenragsllim)) She won an amazing Trip to the Niagara Falls in October, plus $1,000 in spending money!Here's what she had to say about the win...

Hi everyone, I'm tenragsllim and I'm so thrilled to hear that I have won the trip to Niagara falls! I' have had a few long tired days ,I received a call from Harlett on Tuesday nite and she left a message on my answering machine, which said hey go on the site and see who won trip ,I was so excited and happy for her thought she had won the tripso I went on bingo site did not see anything there, then went on Facebook page then realized was me who won ,I kept saying to myself no way did I win,I'm so looking forward to going away to Niagara falls its where me and my husband got married 10 years ago I'm trying to keep it a secret from him cause I want it to be surprise not sure how long I can last lol. Want to say thank you to all at canadiandollarbingo and all the roomies I really enjoy playing among you guys. Everyone is so nice this is so awesome and I'm so excited. Want to wish everyone good luck on the next promotion. Thanks again -tenragsllim
    Contest: Niagara Falls Contest, 2015


Congratulations ((gvemeriver)) on your $1,000 jackpot win on 06/10/2015, while playing $100K Summer Blast Main Contest Room game in 52 calls

"I was absolutely surprised when I logged in and saw I had won a bingo jackpot! Absolutely awesome! Thank you Canadian Dollar Bingo!" -Gvemeriver
    Contest:$100K Summer Blast Main Contest Room, 2015


Congratulations to our first $500 CASH Summer Blast Weekly Winner. WTG mikki!

OMG so excited! mikki is my alias, I just love playing on this site, CM's are da bomb! Roomies are great! Promo's fantastic!Sweet screaming trees,what happy news on a Monday!!My next favorite thing to meeting Rock Stars is Bingo! :)
    Contest: Summer Blast Weekly, 2015


Our 'Toronto Indy Contest' GRAND PRIZE goes to ((ptt939))! - YOU and a FRIEND will be going to the Toronto Indy in June 12 -14, 2015!Here's what she had to say about the win!

Hi it's Ptt939! Loved playing on Canadiandollarbingo! This is one of the reason why upon the harsh reality mostly obstacles don't, n can't bother me as soon i log into the rooms I heard from the players saying i won n full of warm kind congrats from everyone. I figured n thought oh the weekly contest they said no the big one I said no way n I checked on facebook there it is my name! Woohooo I feel n am so honored n grateful to b n have been playing on Canadiandollarbingo million thanx specially to all roomies with the kind congrats from real players n hosts so kind, n caring. Always with amazing n wonderful surprises no wonder why I can't keep myself away lol. I'm not addicted to Canadiandollarbingo I'm just bit hooked. Lol cu soon n GLGLGL!!!!
    Contest: Toronto Indy Contest, 2015


Congratulations (( bmar )) on your $1,000.00 jackpot win on 5/31/2015 playing 12 Days Three Times Riches 5c-$1 game!

"I joined Loonie Bingo on Friday the 29th of May. I had been looking for something fun to do while I recover from Cancer treatments. The real shocker was when only 2 days after joining I hit $1000.00 jackpot on 3 Times the Riches. I’d been playing a .05 bet at Max for a while, and decided to up to .25 Max bet for a few spins. Next thing I new I hit the Jackpot. I still can’t believe it. Thanks it really is a fun place to play." Marion
    Contest: 12 Days Three Times Riches , 2015


Congratulations on your combined jackpot win of $4,500.00 on 3/24/2015 and 3/25/2015 while playing our famous slot machines!

Ty ty so much!!! I've been praying to have the experience of winning the jackpot
I couldn't believe my own eyes I had to look a few times to confirm n then screamed. I'm still in shocked n very very grateful to have this win n wonderful wonderful experience. Most of all Tyvm to all cg host and live helps helping me through everyday with kind guidance, accepting my annoyance and giving me a feeling that everyday I go on bingo that I'm not only playing bingo but belonging to n being part of a family. N meeting a lot of great friends. It's a fulfilling and warm feeling I don't remember having or thought I would experience.
Ty Canadian dollar bingo for the Jp'sss, n the kind family friends that I met on ur site. Giving me a boost of life and hope!.
    Contest: Slot machines, 2015


Congratulations ((Richjars)) on your jackpot win of $1,500.00 on 1/26/2015 playing in the January Main Bingo Room game in 48 calls.

    Contest:I Love Scrabble Contest, 2014


Congratulations ((westwitch369)) on your $1000 CASH ‘I Love Scrabble Contest' Grand Prize win while playing the monthly July promotion -Enjoy!

    Contest:I Love Scrabble Contest, 2014


Congratulations ((Richjars)) on your 'Toronto Indy Contest' win while playing the monthly June promotion - You won two nights in beautiful downtown Toronto, plus, $500 in spending money… Enjoy!

    Contest: Toronto Indy Contest, 2014

Congratulations ((sylvia37)) on your jackpot win of $2,500.00 while playing the Three Times Riches' slot game on the 12th June!

    Contest: Three Times Riches, 2014

Congratulations ((lulu13)) on your jackpot win of $1,000.00 on 5/16/2014 playing the Main Room game in 54 calls.

    Contest: playing the Main Room game in 54 calls, 2014

Congratulations ((MnMs)) on your trip win of TWO Tickets to ANY Place in Canada while playing the 100K Road Trip promotion during the month of March.


OMG Thank you I am so excited! I am very thankful for the Road Trip Win, it will be well used! I love playing Bingo in CAD, I enjoy the new games available The Chat Host are wonderful. Good Luck to all my Roomies win Big you never know when your turn will come! Mine finally paid off! :)

- MnMs
   TWO Tickets to ANY Place in Canada

Congratulations to our Olympic Contest $1,000 Grand Prize winner ((TRINIGIRL255)) on February 24th 2014!


“Thank you Canadian dollar bingo! I love going to your site and playing the game I have been a bingo player for years and on those cold days, I love staying in and playing and chatting with the awesome people. Even when I'm not around I pre-buy! never won this much but always enjoyed playing! I have been telling some of my bingo pals to join and will keep telling them how awesome the sight is! Wow...yayyy me ! Thank you so much!!!!!”

   Olympic Contest $1,000 Grand Prize winner

Congratulations ((lulu13)) on your jackpot win of $675.00 on 1/5/2014 playing the 5 cents NEW 90 coin 5 cent Trolling for Treasures game from Parlay

    Contest: Three Times the Riches, 2013

Congratulations ((bobbie1976)) on your Jackpot win of $1,000.00 on 1/8/2014

    Contest: Three Times the Riches, 2013

Congratulations Freda 1947 on your $1,000 Bingo Jackpot win in 53 calls on the 10th January!,


I was so happy when I won the $1000 coverall, I called my hubby and said "I just won 1000 dollars" he said, what? came, and looked, he said "good about time u won a big one" I really enjoy playing at cad bingo. Thank very much!

Darlene (im the one in the middle at the back)
   Contest: $1,000 Bingo Jackpot

Congratulations Joanne Brubaker,

I play at Bingo Angels as Spring Tuliip and was so surprised when the jackpot appeared ! All the GM's at Bingo Angels are extremely helpful and they are prepared to answer all of our questions.

I will continue to play at Bingo Angels for my online bingo/slots enjoyment.... thank you so much for everything!!!!

Sincerely, Spring Tulip a/k/a Joanne Brubaker
    Contest: Jackpot 2013

Congratulations gvemeriver, you have won a pair of 2 3/8 CT Citrine Hoop Sterling Silver Earrings worth $75.00!

I was very excited to learn from April that I had won the raffle, in fact I was not sure what I had won until she told me.
I am a relatively new player and enjoy playing at Canadian Dollar Bingo, the staff is friendly and efficient.
    Contest: Depositors Raffle, 2013

Congratulations nuckersfan on your amazing slot win of $759.80 while playing Mini Cherry Crush on the 25th November!

Hi from Nuckersfan!!! Canadian Dollar Bingo is an awesome site!! I play here a lot and love the variety of games available. The hosts are super friendly and the players are so fun!! I have made many friends on the site and recommend it to everyone. Thanks Canadian Dollar Bingo for all the hours of enjoyment and the Jackpot I won on my favorite slot game. I was shocked! I stared at the screen over and over to make sure I really won... Wow what an awesome feeling... Yeahhhh $$ for xmas shopping :)
    Contest: Mini Cherry Crush, 2013

Congratulations Woodbine on your amazing $2,500 slots jackpot win while playing Three Times the Riches on the 22nd November!

    Contest: Three Times the Riches, 2013

Congratulations JoAnn77 on your slots jackpot win of $375 while playing Mini Cherry Crush on the 10th November!

Hi there, my fellow roomies!! I actually won, I can see my name on the website. I was so shocked when it rang up $375 I actually had over $600 in cash, as Just before this win I won another spin of $339.00
Thinking this time I am actually going to do a withdrawal. After 10 years of playing here, I am still here, should show you how much I LOVE this site.. CDB is the bestt!! Players and GM’s are Fabulous here!!

Keep playing and Happy Bingo.... JoAnn77
    Contest: Mini Cherry Crush, 2013

Congratulations REDiculous on your $1,000 Bingo Jackpot win in 52 calls on the 29th October!

    Contest: $500 bingo jackpot win, 2013