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$150,000 Anniversary Party Eh?

Cheers to Great Wins and Lots of Fun!
Last Days Of Contest is turning 16! Another year down and another reason to party. Our site anniversary has always been a great reason to celebrate with our roomies, so we are giving away $150,000 in CASH JACKPOTS and OVER $5,000 in EXTRA Prizes starting this November.

Hang with our chat host and help us celebrate; the party is not just a celebration of how long we have been part of the bingo community, but also a way to say THANK YOU TO THE BINGO CANUCKS who have supported us through the years.

Check out rankings and all details HERE. Birthday Bash Slot Tournament - November 2021

We are celebrating our anniversary with $250,000 in Daily Cash Jackpots! this November 2021! Have fun playing your favorite casino games and compete against each other for extra prizes. Let the winning begin!

Last Days Of Contest

How? Spin your way to a winning spot every week from November 1st - November 30th by playing ANY of our popular Casino Games (Parlay and Mobilots) to qualify. Each week you can take part in a random draw or top 5 ranking for a chance to win prizes on top of your jackpots.

Spin to win big with the loosest and most exciting slot machines on the net! Check out rankings and all details HERE

$150,000 Roomie LoungeBingo and Chill
Fri, Sat, and Sun 11PM EST November 2021 – Depositors Only

Are you ready for some Happy Hour fun!?! The weekend is finally here, so it's time for us to mix n' mingle and play bingo with OVER $2,000+ in GUARANTEED CASH every happy hour event.

Last Days Of Contest

The fun takes place in the Weekend Room from November 5th – 28th at 11 pm (2 pm AEDT). We will kick-start each nightly event with a $5,000, $3,500, $2,500 CA game, followed by super fun themed games carrying $150-$500 CASH JACKPOTS throughout the hour. Sip Sip Hooray!

Who's up for a drink?
Be on the lookout for some of your favorite games to win big:

Martini Wine Glass Beer Margaritas

Bloody Mary Mojito Daiquiri Tequila Shots

One is good. Two is better...

Good news! Every weekend three games will offer a BOGO special; you buy one card and get the second one absolutely free. The better news! You can pre-purchase as many qualifying games on that single order as you'd like; they'll all qualify for BOGO.

Just because we are social distancing these days doesn't mean we have to drink alone. Grab a drink, have fun with your virtual bingo buds, and have an excellent winning time. Cheers!

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50 FREE Spins Weekly Offer – Limited Time Only

This November 2021 you’ll get the chance to spin the reels in our most popular games not once but TWICE A WEEK for FREE!

Every week this month we are giving away 50 FREE SPINS to all our qualifying players!

How to Claim Your Free Spins? Log in every Tuesday and Friday to receive 25 Free spins in the machine of the day.

Aloha Wild
Next November Tues 30th

Play the beloved Mobilots featuring incredible bonus rounds and dozens of ways to win! Enjoy the cinematic graphics and animations plus the wide range of themes designed to guarantee you hours and hours of fun!

You'll be enchanted with the look and feel of these top-notch machines, and most importantly you'll be surprised with the incredible jackpots that are there to be won. Enjoy your spins!

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$45,000 Fair and Square Pig Races
Every day at midnight (EST).

Pick-a-Pig to WIN!
Join in the fun and root for your favorite!
Last Days Of Contest

Starting November 1st and until November 30th, play the NEW Piggy Race Hour Bingo Session with $45,000 in GUARANTEED CASH to be won!

How to participate? Players choose their favorite pig from the B Row #1-#15: (1) Waddles, (2) Chubby, (3) Miss Piggy, (4) Bacon, (5) Chorizo, (6) Ham Solo, (7) Morcilla, (8) Petunia, (9) Sausage, (10) Archie, (11) Maggie, (12) Peppa, (13) Olympia, (14) Porky, and (15) Porkchop. Once all five numbers on your pig's line are called, yell out to claim the prize in chat.

Dressed in fetching racing silks, the wiggly piglets run the course TEN times per session. Each Piggy Race game has a $2.50 cash fee that covers the automatic pre-bought cards for each of the $150 CASH games (25 cards per game = $0.10 a card).

Because this is a multipart fair and square style session, you will have the same chance of winning one or all prize pots for the same flat fee as everyone else in the race, and at $.0.10 a card, you get a bigger bang for your buck.

Join us in the main room; the piggies will be slippin' and slidin'...Headin' for the "Ham" Stretch...Flingin' Mud (and other stuff) from behind every day at midnight (EST).

DEPOSIT, and come out to cheer on your favorites. They put on a show on the race track!

It's not just racing pigs... It's a JACKPOT RACE! – Prebuys Available.

Deposit Now! –

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NEW $5,000 PJP 10c Scrabble Room
- 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm EST – No Deposit Needed

Combine your scrabble game wins into high-value prizes every week!

Join the exciting Scrabble Room every day at 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm EST for an hour of nonstop Scrabble Letter Games that will pay up to $5,000 CASH. All games have a Buy 15 Get 5 Free offer, and are just $0.10 per card.

Plus! Come up with your own words or sentences using your bingo wins within the present week Mon-Sun to WIN EXTRA BINGO BUCKS AND DEPOSIT DEALS.

Check details HERE

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Free Bingo Room! (Available Limited Time Only)
Open 24/7

Grease back your hair and grab your poodle skirts, it’s time to shake, rattle and bingo for FREE!

Cards cost: 100% FREE Room.
Chat/Room Restrictions: No Restrictions/Room opens to all members.

You can now play bingo games for FREE every day in the Free Bingo room. Enjoy incredible 'Rock On' free online bingo games where you can win $5 bingo bucks in every game, and catch up with friends in our chat room.

On top of the $5BBS jackpots, each win in our Free Bingo Room gives you an entry to a weekly contest where we will raffle off three deposit deal prizes among all participants:

1st Place: 250% Bonus, 2nd Place: 150% Bonus, and 3rd Place: 100% Bonus.
These bonuses will be added on top of the $1000% Welcome Bonus Package or your Loyalty/Daily Bonus.

What are you waiting for? Put on those blue suede shoes and get ready to rock around the clock in the free bingo room with us! You can find the latest winners on our Facebook Group.

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Play Slots and Minigames with Bonus at CanadianDollarBingo!
Choose your favorite Parlay Game and use your bonus 24/7!

Because you asked for it! Play our famous Parlay Slots and Minigames with BONUS money as well as cash and winnings from Monday to Sunday! That's right, every day of the week!!!

Have lots of fun this month using all your balances to spin any Parlay Slot and qualified minigames.

This promotion is for a limited time only. Get the goods before they’re gone. Good luck everyone!

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Bingo Depositors’ STRIKE IT LUCKY Draw

Deposit in the present calendar week and AUTOMATICALLY be entered into our STRIKE IT LUCKY Depositor's Raffle at the end of each week this month. (Limited Time Offer).

All tickets will be put into a "magic hat", the winning ticket will be randomly selected by an automated draw system among all depositors, so everyone with at least 1 raffle ticket has a fair chance to strike it lucky.

The lucky winner will have the choice to pick one prize among five incredible options!

$1.000 Player Appreciation Freeroll

How does winning free money sounds to you? Our Player Appreciation FreeRoll returns this 2021 playing every week with a chance to win lots of free money while playing all your favorite games.

Join in the Free Bingo fun and excitement every Wednesday at 7pm to play 10 FREE GUARANTEED GAMES, paying (3) $25 CASH, (7) 25BBs! That's Over $1,000 in cash and bingobucks PRIZES every month!

To get an entry to this exclusive event you need to have deposited at least once over the last 7 days and not have any approved withdrawals since your deposit. You have until Wednesday at 6pm each week to make your deposit and qualify for this extravaganza of FREE MONEY!

When: Wednesdays
Time: 7:00 pm
Where: Player Appreciation Room
Prize: Over $1,000 in prizes every month!

Don't miss your chance to win free prizes as there is nothing better than playing your favorite games and winning free money.

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Team Bingo

Are you a Team Player? Try Team Bingo!

Just sign up and we'll place you in a team for a chance to win lots of Cash and Prizes every week.

Team bingo is fantastic for bringing back that camaraderie of the old bingo days, helping you to get chatting and also earning EXTRA bingo bucks on the way.

Team Bingo plays EVERY Saturday and Sunday between 5:00 and 7:00 PM.

Must be registered by 4:00pm on the night of tourney. The Tournament room opens one hour prior to the tourney to get the party rolling.

Click Here to register Team Bingo.

Knock, knock Lotto!

Any single $30 deposit that you make any day from Friday through Wednesday, will give you the chance to pick 5 lottery numbers.

Once your deposit is made, enter your numbers RIGHT HERE, then head over to the main room at 2pm EST every Thursday to find out if you were among our lucky winners!

Every week you can find the lucky winners on our blog!

Daily Coveralls $1,000 and $750 Jackpots

How about winning a big Jackpot today? At CanadianDollarBingo we make it easy for you!

Every day you have 2 great chances to win $1,000 or $750 CASH! Our Morning Coverall plays at 7am EST, it starts at 50 calls and every five days 1 call will be added increasing your chances to win!

Our famous Nightly coverall will play at 11pm EST. It also starts at 50 calls and every three days calls will increase until a lucky player wins it!

Guess what? if the jackpots dont go, there is a Minimum $100 CASH jackpot given away on each coverall, so players will never go empty handed! Good luck.

Birthday Perks. Celebrate your Birthday with us!

Ready to celebrate YOU?! Every first of the month we’ll be celebrating the birthday roomies with an EXCLUSIVE $200 FREE ROLL EVENT and lots of other treats for all players with a birthday on the current month.

Also, be on the lookout for the BIRTHDAY CAKE GAME playing in the main room throughout your birthday month, and receive freebies from $50 to $100 on your Birthday based on your loyalty level. Check all the details HERE.