$100,000 Bingo Around the World Contest - July 2020

Oh, the places we'll go! We're going on a bingo and casino adventure, so get ready to win around the world and play for $100,000 in GUARANTEED CASH this July 2020. Bingo all over the world, and collect amazing souvenirs along the way, all games carry a $25-$150 Guaranteed jackpots.

Pack your bags and be on the lookout for contest patterns, besides the fantastic bucket-list jackpots, every week we will treat (10) gaming travelers to receive almost $5,000 in EXTRA prizes. Ka-Ching!

Not a bingo player?... No worries, we know how much you love our wide variety of slots and casino games, so we have the perfect contest for you to win weekly prizes too!

Bingo Contests with over $100,000 in Cash Jackpots and extra prizes!

Win your share of $100K CASH and take part in FOUR (4) WEEKLY GIVEAWAYS during the contest periods below to win EXTRA PRIZES: (1 Bingo win = 1 Point) The more points you accumulate the more chances of winning. Weekly winners will be selected randomly or by top 5 depending of the contest week, so every player has a fair chance to win.

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place
$200 CASH $150 CASH $100 BBs $50 BBs $25 BBs

Weekly Bingo Rankings.
(Click on each date to display the ranking).

Plus! Bingo on any of the winning game combinations to earn additional extra bonuses to be used on your next deposit Mon-Thurs. All bonuses will be added on top of the regular reload offers, taking your total up to 1400% EXTRA based on the amount deposited and the day of the week.

250% Deposit Bonus
Eiffel Tower Statue Painted Indian Elephant A piece of the Berlin Wall A Japanese fan Wooden Sloth
Venetian mask Matroyshka dolls Calligraphy Gelato Lace

150% Deposit Bonus
Venetian mask Matroyshka dolls Calligraphy Gelato Lace

100% Deposit Bonus
Painted Indian Elephant Wooden Sloth Gelato

Keep track below of how you’re doing with the bingo destinations. Leaderboard will reset every week when the new contest starts.

Weekly Leaderboard Combination
(Click on each date to display the ranking).

Did you think that was all you were going to get? No! We will also have a special roomie perk, a ‘Passport’ bingo pattern will be playing every day to help you travel the world even further. Bingo on the special pattern to claim $10 EXTRA (BB) MILES FREE! – Passport wins don’t count towards the ranking points.

One amazing trip begins each week so let's prepare for a fun journey...! Become a savvy world traveler, DEPOSIT NOW and get your ‘Travel Ticket’ today. Bon voyage roomies!!! – No Pre-buys.

Casino Tournaments with HUGE JACKPOTS and over $2,000 in extra prizes!

Play ANY of our popular Casino Games (Parlay and mobilots) from July 1st to July 31st. Each week players will take part in a random draw or top 5 ranking for a chance to win prizes and grand prize entries as well. This is how you collect points every week:

   - Get 5 points for every deposit you make during each weekly tournament.
   - Get 3 points for every $20 wagered on Mobilots.
   - Get 1 point for every $40 wagered on Parlay Slots and Casino Games.

Every week you could be the lucky winner of one of the following prizes:

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place
$200 CASH $150 CASH $100 BBs $50 BBs $25 BBs

Weekly Casino Rankings.
(Click on each date to display the ranking).


On August 4th, 2020, we’ll randomly select the winners from the players that participated in our weekly contests. $500 for Bingo players and $500 for Slots and Casino players!

The more points you collect, the higher the chances of winning. If you play Bingo, Slots and Casino games you’ll increase your chances of winning the $500 Grand Prize CASH prizes!

That’s not all, we have more surprises planned throughout the month, there will be freebies, and deposit deals waiting for you, make sure to stay tuned on our Facebook Page.

Bon Voyage!

  • FOUR weekly contests rounds will play between July 1st and July 31st 2020 EST time.
  • Our contest patterns will play at different times of the day 24/7. Cost Per Card 25c-$1.
  • Game Combination – Must submit a help desk ticket with game Id’s. Extra Bonus will be credited within 72 hours. One extra bonus claim per contest week; you will have 7 days to use it (Not counting Sat-Sun). Extra Bonuses are valid Monday-Thursday only. One extra bonus per deposit.
  • Players must have deposited in the last 7 days to get in the weekly rankings.
  • Rankings will be updated throughout the day on the contest webpage.
  • The Grand Prize winner must provide us with a picture and comments to post on our homepage and newsletters before prize can be claimed.
  • Players with approved or pending payouts in the last 7 days don't qualify to receive ranking points.
  • All site rules apply.

  • Claim the bingo win before the start of the next game - No Deposit needed.
  • Players with approved or pending payouts in the last 7 days don't qualify to receive the extra $5 bonus.
  • One deposit bonus per deposit.
  • No prebuys.
  • All site rules apply.