$150K Blizzard of Cash - April 2021 Main Room (Depositors Only).

Stop shivering! Join the Winter Adventures with $150,000 Up for Grabs from March 1st and until March 31st! Keeping warm when it's cold outside may be easier this month by joining one or all weekend bingo activities for your chance to win OVER $150,000 in GUARANTEED CASH, hit a $10,000 JACKPOT EVERY DAY, get the opportunity to win over $3,000 in EXTRA Cash and Prizes, and wonderful extra GRAND PRIZES, all while having a blast in chat!

Stay toasty inside and take part in a one-of-a-kind bingo contest, where you can enjoy Ice Skating, Hiking, Fishing, and Snow Adventures while keeping warm no matter how frightful the weather is outside. You can book ahead or take part in the activities happening all day long in the main bingo room.

Card prizes range between 25c-$1, with fantastic GUARANTEED JACKPOTS of up to $10,000 CA$H, all games with a ‘Buy 15 tickets Get 5 Free’ price offer and a % in return that grows the more players join in the games.

Grand Prize Draw

At the end of the contest, we´ll put all participants in a magic hat and randomly select the (3) lucky roomies as our GRAND PRIZE winners! Remember, the more entries you collect, the more chances you have to win it.

Plus, follow us on facebook as we will also raffle out extra tickets among all players that deposited within the present contest week, active players on facebook and/or chat!

Weekly Winter Weekends!

Monday, March 1st-7th Zip-Line Weekend (Top 5 contest)

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Who says zip-lining is just for rainforests? Try zip-lining this winter, a series of adrenaline-filled cable systems will be waiting for you in the main room. And for those willing to step to the very edge of adventure, fly the extreme zip-line superman worth $150 CASH GUARANTEED. The top FIVE players with the most zip line rides at the end of the contest week will receive extra bingo buck prizes:

- 1st Prize $200, - 2nd Prize $150, - 3rd Prize $100, - 4th Prize $50, - 5th Prize $25,

Contest Patterns: Beginners Zip-Line, 25 Meters Zip-Line, 50 Meters Zip-Line, 75 Meters Zip-Line, 100 Meters Zip-Line, 125 Meters Zip-Line, and 200 Super Man Zip-Line.

Monday, March 8th-14th Ice Skating (Random Draw)

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Strap on your blades and glide along the largest bingo skating rink on the net.

Patterns: Whirl, spin, spiral, jump, hop, do a spread eagle, create a step sequence or dance around the rink for jackpots of up to $150 CASH GUARANTEED and take part in our random draw for these bingo buck prizes:

- 1st Prize $200, - 2nd Prize $150, - 3rd Prize $100, - 4th Prize $50, - 5th Prize $25,

Grab a thermos of hot cocoa and spend the week gliding across the ice with us.

Monday, March 15th-21st Fishing Competition (Top 5 contest)

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Get your wellies on and the bait on the hooks as its time for our fishing competition. Collect as many fish patterns as possible and take home one of our prizes at the end of the contest week. Go fishing for Wild Salmon, Atlantic Mackerel, Sardines, Sablefish, Oysters, Rainbow trout and be on the lookout for the Anchovies worth $150 CASH, there are sometimes hard to spot due to their shy nature, but worth the challenge.

The top FIVE players will receive extra bingo buck prizes:

- 1st Prize $200, - 2nd Prize $150, - 3rd Prize $100, - 4th Prize $50, - 5th Prize $25,

Week 4
Monday, March 22nd-31st Snow Adventures (Random draw)

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Hit the slopes of the main room, go downhill to race across the bingo board and have fun while you win big.

Patterns: Grab your Skis, Snowboard, Boogie boards, Sledge, Tube, Tire, or even use your butt to make it down the hill to win jackpots of up to $150 CASH GUARANTEED, and have lots of fun with your bingo buds. Among all players who bingo on a contest pattern, we will raffle out these bingo buck prizes:

- 1st Prize $200, - 2nd Prize $150, - 3rd Prize $100, - 4th Prize $50, - 5th Prize $25,

Don’t be afraid to take part in any or all Winter Adventures; head over to the main room to start having a great time and winning big. Our CH guides will have FREE first aid kits (Chat bbs) worth $5-$25 bbs each, just in case you need an extra hand to complete the adventures.

The forecast calls for flurries of dough... Hurry up, deposit, and get your pre-buys now!

  • FOUR weekly contests rounds will play between April 1st and April 31st 2021 EST time.
  • Our contest patterns will play at different times of the day 24/7. Cost Per Card 25c-$1.
  • Players must have deposited in the last 7 days to get in the weekly rankings and be in the running for extra prizes.
  • Rankings will be updated throughout the day on the contest webpage.
  • Players with approved or pending payouts in the last 7 days don't qualify to receive ranking points.
  • All grand prize winners are required to provide a testimonial with a picture for our hall of fame and facebook before the prize can be credited.
  • Games and contest prizes are combined Canadiandollarbingo site (Depositors Only)
  • Winners have 10 days to claim their extra bonus prizes after the weekly contest has ended.Extra Bonuses cannot be combined with any other bonus offer besides daily and loyalty.
  • All site rules apply.