Zodiac Star Sign Bingo

Join us for our new Zodiac Star Sign Bingo event each month to celebrate each star sign!

Once a month we will be celebrating the new Start Sign with an EXCLUSIVE $200 FREE ROLL EVENT for all depositors in that specific star sign! We will be sending out an email to players to notify them about this event, as it is an invitation only FREE ROLL that will be playing in a separate room.

Plus - Earn extra BBs! Did you think that was all you were going to get? No! We will also have a special Astrology pattern that matches the corresponding start sign of the month playing every night. If you bingo on the star sign pattern and it happens to be your Astrology sign as well, you can claim $15BBs from us! These are the date ranges that we follow for each star sign:

This month the special Astrology pattern playing is Scorpio so search for the Scorpio pattern and get EXTRA $15BBs from us!

Bingo on your astrology pattern, and send us help-desk ticket with the game ID, we will credit your account with an EXTRA $15BBs! Every first day of a new sign we are also hosting a FREE ROLL EVENT to all depositing players born in that sign. Every player born in that sign will receive a free bingo ticket to the “Exclusive Invitation Only $200 Star Sign Bingo Free Roll” which plays on the first night of that star sign at 8pm EST. This event will host 10 FREE games each carrying a $20BBS JP playing during the hour. To participate, make sure to deposit within 7 days before the event and we will add your name to the guest list! Don’t miss it!

Not sure that your birth information is in your profile? Log into your account, go to your profile and update it now!

  • This promotion only applies to the bingo pattern called "Astrology Pattern".
  • Players must have made a deposit in the last 7 days to qualify for the extra BBs in case they bingo on the "Astrology Pattern" during their own star sign.
  • To receive the $15 BBs for bingoing on the "Astrology Pattern" during the player's own star sign, the birth information in the profile needs to have been updated before the win. No updates after a win will be done.
  • Players must open a help desk ticket with the game number in order to have their account credited.
  • Game numbers can only be used once.
  • Only one prize per player per year can be claimed.
  • All Site Rules Apply.

  • Automatic free entry for players that have deposited at least once in the last 60 days prior to the Star Sign Bingo exclusive event.
  • DOB profile information must be updated if needed prior to the event.
  • Players can take part in only one Star Sign Freeroll per year.
  • Only players with a PO ratio of 80% and under qualify to participate.
  • All site rules apply.