Earn an entry into our STRIKE IT LUCKY Depositors Draw!

Deposit in the present calendar week and AUTOMATICALLY be entered into our STRIKE IT LUCKY Depositor's Raffle at the end of each week this month. (Limited Time Offer)

All tickets will be put into a "magic hat", the winning ticket will be randomly selected by an automated draw system among all depositors, so everyone with at least 1 raffle ticket has a fair chance to strike it lucky.

The lucky winner will have the choice to pick one prize among the five options below.

Option #1:
Double the daily bonus on the next (3) Deposits, regardless of the amount deposited.
Option #2:
Receive BACK in bonuses the total amount deposited over the week. For example, if you deposited $200, you will receive a HUGE $200 Bonus.
Option #3:
An EXTRA 100% Deposit Bonus on your next (4) Deposits, regardless of the amount deposited.
Option #4:
4 Team Entry Tickets (One Weekly).
Option #5:
$100BBs Voucher to play your favorite games! The amount will be paid out in 4 $25BBs weekly installments. (No Deposit Required).

Make a deposit today and start earning entries. And remember, you can check our previous winners on our Facebook Page!

  • Each deposit made during the ongoing week will earn you one entry to the Depositor's Raffle.
  • Each payout made during the week will deduct one entry.
  • Any deposit through any method and of any amount gives you one entry, except for your FIRST deposit with us which gives you two.
  • The winner will be contacted within 48hrs of the raffle.
  • The raffle will take place on the first business day of the following week (Mon-Sun).