$150,000 in Guaranteed Cash.

Hikes, Wild Hunts, Fishing, River Adventures and more...
June 1st-30th 9 am-Midnight EST Main Room

This year’s Summer camp includes a variety of bingo contest and game options to choose from, and to squeeze more awesome out of our summer contest, we are giving away so many amazing extra prizes, check it out!

Contests starts June 1st with a different game activity each week to keep you on your toes! How to increase your chance to win? Be sure to keep up to date with each contest for your chance to WIN HUGE CASH JACKPOTS and don’t forget to claim the extra bonuses to extend your winning time!

Every week we will select five roomies from the weekly contest rankings to win extra prizes on top of their jackpots. We will alternate weeks from Top Five to Random Draws to give everyone an equal chance of winning something extra.

• 1st prize $250 BBs + 250% Extra Bonus
• 2nd prize $150 BBs + 150% Extra Bonus
• 3rd prize $50 BBs + Team Bingo Entry
• 4th & 5th prize $25 BBs + Team Bingo Entry

Deposit deals earned can immediately be used on your next deposit Mon-Thurs.

You will enjoy nature walks, fishing competitions, hunting trips and river adventures. You can pre-buy your cards ahead; you don’t have to be present to take part in the activities happening all day long in the main bingo room to WIN YOUR SHARE OF $150,000 in GUARANTEED CASH.

Card prizes range between 25c-$1, with fantastic CA$H JACKPOTS, all games with a ‘Buy 30 tickets Get 5 Free’ price offer and a % in return that grows when more players join in the fun. Ready to get started?

• Every contest game won = 1 Ranking Point.
• Every $10 wagered in the contest games = 2 Ranking Points.
• Each deposit made during contest week = 3 Ranking Points.

Week 1
We are hitting the outdoors from June 1st - 7th! Go on a nature walk, hunt for fireflies, climb a tree, look for bugs, and watch the sunset... Bingo on the ‘Outdoors’ themed patterns to build up points on the leaderboard and climb towards our top FIVE spots to win bingo buck prizes! Contest Patterns: Hike, Fireflies, Tree, Bugs, and Sunset. We’ll have outdoor fun, rain-or-shine! Don’t miss it.

Week 2
The fish are biting, grab your worms and go fishing for jackpots from June 8th - 14th for your chance to win extra prizes. Be on the lookout for Canada's top game fish, these are abundant in the main room throughout the day. Best time to fish: 9am EST-Midnight EST. What you'll catch: Bass, Trout, Walleye, Northern Pike, and Yellow Perch. You have a two chances per hour of catching one, and all you need is one to be in the running to win extra prizes. Go fish! 

Week 3
Let's Go Hunting from June 15th - 21st! It’s open season in the main room at Canadiandollarbingo.com What big game species can you hunt this week? Here are just a few of the species you can target in your hunting trip: Deer, Bears, Moose, Caribou, and Goats. The opportunity to win the jackpot of a lifetime is always there for the hunter tough enough to seek them out. Don’t forget the camouflage gear! 

Week 4
You will ride through rapids, waterfalls and caves, while enjoying the abundant wildlife surrounding this bingo river from June 22nd - 30th. Contest Patterns: Grab your Float, Kayak, Boat, Tube, Canoe for hours of entertainment riding across the bingo board and take part in our random draw for extra bingo buck prizes. Keep your head above water to be one of the lucky winners at the end of the contest week! 

Plus! We'll randomly select the $1,000 CASH GRAND PRIZE weekly winners among all qualifying players at the end of each contest week.

    • (1st Prize) $500 CASH.
    • (2thPrize) $350 CASH.
    • (3rd Prize) $150 CASH.
The more cards you play, the better your chances of winning!

We will also raffle off extra tickets among all active facebook followers with a deposit in the present month. Stay tuned on our Facebook Group Page

Weekly winners will be announced on our Facebook Page! 

$85,000 Smores Tourney Room

Fri-Sun June at 11pm EST

Join us for lots of S'more Cash Fun every weekend in June (Fri-Sun at 11pm EST) as we play for over $85,000 in CASH JACKPOTS.

Get your marshmallows ready! Deposit and play the 3P $750-$150 S'mores CASH Games in the weekend room or get your cards from the pre-buy menu. Since the first bite is always the best, the tourney will kick start with a burst of flavor, we will play a $100bbs Freebie Game. We will treat everyone in the room with 24 cards to play it. Make sure to join the room at least 10 minutes before the games to participate.

Each game offers triple the fun, and triple the chances to win and a Buy 30 Get 5 cards FREE OFFER. That's 5 free extra chances to win playing our s’mores bingo games! YUMMMMY.

Marshmallows, Chocolates, and Graham Crackers.

To stoke up the bonfire more, there will be freebies, deposit deals and fun chat games waiting for you every weekend, don't miss it!

Let's have S’more Fun Together! Deposit Now, and Get your Cards.