$35K Bingo After Dark! Ladies Night Hour - Fri, Sat, and Sun 11PM EST with CH Niko.

November Spoiler Alert!!!

Sometimes all we need is a fun bingo night with the buddies to get out of the weekly routine and relax a little…

The ‘Bingo After Dark’  happy hour will play every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11pm EST in the Naughty Room, Playing nonstop for one hour with a guaranteed minimum prizes of $250.00 CASH per game and a card cost of just $0.50 a card, you are always guaranteed to have an incredible time. Plus! There will be deposit deals, freebies and lots of fun themed chat games to win bingo bucks.

Treat yo' self to win your share of OVER  $2,500 in GUARANTEED CASH every night. Deposit and get your pre-buy cards now.

join us for plenty of laughs and much needed catching up with your bingo pals. Let the fun come to you!

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  • All attendees must be above 21 in age to enter.
  • Must have a deposit in the last 7 days
  • Combined network Contest
  • All site rules apply.


$2,500 GUARANTEED Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt (October 9th-12th 2020)

Attention all turkey hunters, start practicing your best turkey calls and get ready for our annual turkey hunting season opening this October 9th until 12th, 2020.

To hunt turkeys, you must first find them! Grab your camouflage gear and go hunting for as many TURKEY GAMES as you can, each game will be paying back a HUGE JACKPOT based on card sales, and with each bingo card purchase, our turkeys will be getting fatter and fatter until someone hunts them down.

How to win EXTRA PRIZES? Bingo on the ‘TURKEY PATTERN’ while present in chat. The number you bingoed on will determine your prize, to claim the prize, you must type ‘GOBBLE GOBBLE’ before the start of the next game. Our chat host will REVEAL THE HIDDEN EXTRA PRIZE BEHIND YOUR NUMBER and credit you accordingly!  Once a number is picked, it's gone! Extra Prizes range between $5bbs and $250bbs, deposit deals, free tourney seats and more...

They are tricky birds to catch, very smart! If you call and he doesn’t come, you can pre-buy your cards for the best hunting times, then just wait, sometimes they sneak up on you.

Good luck everyone! Let the Gobble Gobble hunt begin...