Knock Knock Bingo Lotto

Once a week luck and fortune will knock on your door as now your favorite numbers could win you some extra BBs!

Any single $30 deposit that you make any day from Friday through Wednesday, will give you the chance to pick 5 lottery numbers from 1 to 75.

Once your deposit is made, come and enter your numbers right here, or in the bingo lobby!

Enter your Lotto Numbers HERE!

Knock, knock Lotto will be played every Thursday using the first 5 calls of the Top of the hour game played at 2pm in the Main Contest Room. If your numbers are called, you will be rewarded with the following prizes:

• 5 numbers hit: 100 BBs
• 4 numbers hit: 80 BBs
• 3 numbers hit: 50 BBs
• 2 numbers hit: 25 BBs
• 1 number hit: 25 BBs

Join the fun every Thursday at 2pm, then check out if you were among our winners below!

Nov 6th Lotto 35,47,74,7,2
Emerac,bcgirl38, Anonymous,Nortymous

Nov 29th Lotto 43,4,2,57, and 10
Mrs_h, Emerac,momraw, Anonymous, nana83, jolene

Nov 22nd Lotto 33,18,65,35, and 63
momraw, Anonymous, nana83, sns64, and iceblue

Nov 17th Lotto 54,35,74,3, and 8
SpookySooz, bcgirl38, nana83, and REBA_29

Nov 8th Lotto: 12,74,29,39 and 9
Winners: momraw, charm44, Anonymous, lovemykids, and DOCHARA

Nov 1st: Lotto Numbers 17, 9, 61, 24, and 53
momraw, nana83, DOCHARA, and bingoghost.

Oct 25th Lotto Numbers 1,58,46,30 and 17
Mrs_h, Emerac, Anonymous, nana83, NortyDevil, bingoghost, and sadiesam

Oct 18th Lotto Numbers 24-69-32-15-42 
snowshell, Anonymous, and nana83

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