$4,000 Slots Casino Tourney

New Season Party for Slots lovers at Canadiandollarbingo.com! April 2019: Monday to Thursday.

Get ready to spin and win! A new Season is here and we know how much you love Slot Tournaments! This is why we'll celebrate with 4 weekly tourneys with daily cash prizes to the lucky winners!

Starting April 1st and until April 25th, join us from Monday to Thursday (EST time) for your chance to take part in a daily slot tourney. We'll give away $1,000 every week to the daily winners as follows:

Daily Prizes
1st Place: $150 CASH
2nd Place: $75 CASH
3rd Place: $25 CASH

That's a total of $4,000 CASH to be won in four weeks! Every participant has great opportunities to win since we'll offer 2 random draw contests and 2 Top Players contests every week. Check out dates and rankings below.

Are you ready to have a blast this Spring? Start winning points since the very first day of the month as follows:

  •     Get 5 points for every $10 wagered on featured slots
  •     Get 3 points for every $10 wagered on any other Mobilots and 3D slots
  •     Get 1 point for every $20 wagered on any Parlay Slots.

Featured Slots
Summer Smileys, Legendary Mulan, Sugar and Ice, Reels Of Wealth, Stampede, and The Golden Owl of Athena

Recommended Mobilots and 3D Slots
Honey Money, Pharaohs of the Nile, Wolf & Bear, Rook's revenge, Tiger's Claw and Good Girl Bad Girl

Popular Parlay Slots
25c Trolling For Treasure, 25c & $1 Diamond Surprise, 25c & $1 Karat Crazy 5 lines, 5c, Living Large 9 lines, Serpent's Riches, and Pirate's treasure

Latest Winners:

April 1st Results: 1st Place: $150 CASH: brightestangel06, 2nd Place: $75 CASH: stretch1951, and 3rd Place: $25 CASH jpm060104.

April 2nd Results: 1st Place: $150 CASH: MadamLash, 2nd Place: $75 CASH: GoingToTheChapel, and 3rd Place: $25 CASH Granny Jubes.

April 3rd Results: 1st Place: $150 CASH: HappsRedBatt, 2nd Place: $75 CASH: Grmmpat915, and 3rd Place: $25 CASH booder704.

April 4th Results: 1st Place: $150 CASH:  djaqs66, 2nd Place: $75 CASH:  diron1010, and 3rd Place: $25 CASH ldw123ldw.

April 8th Results: 1st Place: $150 CASH: wrayss1972, 2nd Place: $75 CASH: Katlyny91, and 3rd Place: $25 CASH alan66.

April 9th Results: 1st Place: $150 CASH: shdyldy, 2nd Place: $75 CASH: MadamLash and 3rd Place: $25 CASH TheOriginalRedz

April 10th Results:
1st Place: $150 CASH:peanutmum, 2nd Place: $75 CASH:  Mrdillrod and 3rd Place: $25 CASH Sweetwabbit

April 11th Results: 1st Place: $150 CASH: shdyldy, 2nd Place: $75 CASH: redrobyn and 3rd Place: $25 CASH AJ0401

April 15th Results: 1st Place: $150 CASH: pb2525, 2nd Place: $75 CASH:  Treebeemee and 3rd Place: $25 CASH RedJuneBug

April 16th Results: 1st Place: $150 CASH: redrobyn, 2nd Place: $75 CASH: shdyldy and 3rd Place: $25 CASH: MadamLash

April 17th Results: 1st Place: $150 CASH: Celi8819, 2nd Place: $75 CASH: jpm060104 and 3rd Place: $25 CASH Missmessy

April 18th Results: 1st Place: $150 CASH: Redsy, 2nd Place: $75 CASH: shaunhnt and 3rd Place: $25 CASH AJ0401

April 22nd Results:1st Place: $150 CASH: bobbie1976, 2nd Place: $75 CASH: Letty1978 and 3rd Place: $25 CASH milkbone99

April 23rd Results:1st Place: $150 CASH: amph1, 2nd Place: $75 CASH: shdyldy and 3rd Place: $25 CASH brightestangel01

April 24th Results:1st Place: $150 CASH: jpm060104, 2nd Place: $75 CASH: dina and 3rd Place: $25 CASH Topgronk1

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